Products & Services

Services tailored for the legal office

Digital Dictation

Reduce the amount of time your employees spend dealing with hard copy data and we’ll quickly and easily transfer it to an electronic format.

Oyez Forms

Our legal forms software is used and trusted by more than 3,000 legal and professional firms across the UK.

Document Production

Our Document Production team has unrivalled expertise in the production of legal documents and related services.

Legal Data Archive

We understand how important it is that your documents and records are stored safely & securely which you can access when you need to.

Legal Stationery

Our exciting and varied range of own brand office supplies has been designed to help businesses function efficiently and successfully.

Managed Print Services

Adopting a managed print service can help you achieve savings of up to 40%. By combining your print suppliers, devices & support.

Print Management

We understand that access to high quality printed documents when you need them is central to your firm’s operations and brand communication.

Electronic Records Management

Our online systems provide secure protection for confidential documents offering varying levels of access.

Workplace Solutions

As well as office supplies, we offer a huge range of competitively priced own brand and branded workplace products.


We are a leading supplier of corporate clothing, work clothing and Personal Protective Equipment.

Interiors & Furniture

Our interiors team offers a bespoke space planning and design service to create environments that appeal to your customers and employees.

Tail Management

The strategy of consolidating those suppliers who account for a small amount of your procurement spend but who are large in number.

In a changing market place today’s firms need to ensure best practice in all aspects of their activities, including cost control and efficiency, and not just the customer facing ‘legal practice’.

If a key driver for your firm is achieving cost reduction while maintaining quality products and reliable services, we can help. We work closely with our legal customers and our experienced team have the expertise to meet this brief.

As well as stocking a full range of commercial office products at highly competitive prices, we also provide services specifically designed to meet the needs of the busy legal office.

By consolidating your purchasing across multiple areas, we can help you to reduce office procurement costs. In addition, reduced ordering and invoicing time will enable your personnel to concentrate on the areas which really matter to your firm.

For more information on our office services please visit our managed print services, office furniture and print management websites.